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 Since going to villages to train the embroidery technology at 1998, An embroidery Culture Industry limited company of HeNan has formed a pattern which is  "company training base +peasant household",through exploting and creating unceasing .This is a kind of unigue developed style .So far, we have built traintng basesin 9 towns and 26 villages, we train more than 4000 rural women batch-wisely and freely (including  406 women learners of XinJiang) .We have made 43  (including 26 poor villages)  villages get rich through this business. The coporation sets many directed selling point:including Henan directed selling point, Xinjiang directed selling point, Anyang directed selling point, Beijing directed selling point and so on.There are 36 managers including 10 men which have college degree, 50 senior technicians, more than 300 intermediate technicians and more than 200 training technicians.The corporation  formed a cultural chain focusing designing ,researching, production,  training, selling and working.Under the solicitude of relevant departments and leaders at all levels.An embroidery culture industry limited company of HeNan has got stable development,and it will be the biggest cultural developed base which can process,product and sell.

First--Basic generalization of company
We have train more than 4000 embroidery workers during 16 years.An embroidery is the biggest  embroidery base.It is the most representativly embroidery cultural brand company.It got a lot of honors more than 300 furcherly.It was enrolled"Cultural industry major project of state feature"by cultural department of our country.

Second--Development generalization of company
Many places have the lattic points in our country,they own stable,customer resources.We have set branch offices in BeiJing,AnYang,XinJiang and other places.It is the biggest development base in our country and the sales reach more than 5000 millions.It set up XinJiang embroidery cultural industry limited company on March of 2016,we train 406 embroidery workers during one year.Not only can we make them get a job,but also we can transmit embroidery culture and tradition craft culture .To promote the better development and inheritance  exploiting marktes at home and abroad,To promote the market competitiveness,enlarge pruduction market occupancy,An embroidery of China will catch the chance of "A Belt and A road  ",we will exploit  and creat ,put An embroidery develop HeNan embroidery,XinJiang embroidery,Chinese embroidery and even the world enbroideryof An embroidery technition.

Three--Development plan of company

During "十三五",our country will promote the development of culture industry strongly, it will be a new challenge how to  develop under the new situation.So we should catch the chance that our country is developing,Then,  we will develop  diversified products to make Chinese embroidery turn into most typical culture corporation.

Stiching to go to the road of culture industry, creating the traditional  feature culture,  intangible cultural and cultural tourist attractions as the oriented feature cultural industry base of our country.

Innovative business model to the industry to help farmers benefit, palm Technology entrepreneurial income as the center, to achieve the goal of common prosperity. The training of cultural enterprises into the local government's sunshine, rain and other projects, by the technical guidance of the enterprise, the staff of technology and art combined, so that the majority of people to devote themselves to the cultural industry.

The innovation of marketing mode, relying on the original Henan Xinjiang embroidery, embroidery, Anyang, Beijing and other favorable resources, the integration of the Internet, media publicity, publicity, Taobao, Tmall, foreign trade and other external resources, pioneering and enterprising, expand market share and strive to build the country's largest, characteristics of cultural industry chain. Government departments to increase the financial support for cultural industries and policy protection, so that its active research and development, and promote cultural and artistic charm.

The construction of a village or town, city, province, national and international cultural exchange platform, let the cultural industries in the government under the guidance of communication with each other, support the cultural industry, give more information of funds, make our cultural industry to go abroad, to the world.