Anyang is the one ancient capital of eight ancient captals in our country .It has original long history culture .There is a new city card--An embroidery excepting the famous Yin Dynasty ruins and inscriptions on bones .This is a beautiful manufacturing industry.It has pure technology ,we are proud of this industry.

I like drawing since I was a child.The art and the embroidery are interlinked. Especially embroidery was almost invisible in our Huaxian couty.It was a casual opportunity , I found a book that its name was,《Embroidery and decorating》. I began to reseach emboridery until now.To the emboridery addiction,I began to put the drawing on the embroidery cloth,  combining modern aesthetics,replacing pen with needle , replacing wire with inlc .At last, many embroidery works that were embroidered were received many are prizes. For example《Father》.It is Luo Zhongli teacher's work.It was finished by two embroidery workers lasting for weo and half years.This emboridery work was more third dimension than the primary picture.

In the  traditional embroidery method,.An embroidery has formed a kind of special style in more than ten years basing on the created needle method.It has diffierent needle methods basing on different tractability of these works .There are more than 300 kinds of needle methods to the embloridery technology.We use more disordered needle work and swim needle work when we emborider the hills and water of the works .We use more swim needle work when we embroider the trees or perons or boats .Because of the flexibility ,we usually use the swim needle work.The wire 16slick,we usually use a slik when we emborider the face or the hairs of a person.This superior methods can make An emboridery works more culture and national culture.

From distinguish to simplcity, The elegant craft of HeNan An emboridery is promoted in the field and Xinjiang .This special operation way makes this kind of culture industry become more animated.We escablished a embroidery school that was called An embroidery technology training school, it was the  first embroidery training school.Relying on the special style of development of corporation+trainingbase+peasant household,the corporation of An embroidery went to the countryside to impart the embroidety technology.

Embroidery art in the farther and farther away in Henan and embroidered, but also in the new era of thinking about how to achieve cultural heritage and fashion integration, the achievements of the world to understand the beauty of Chinese embroidery.I hope that the essence of these handicrafts in China, really get heritage and development, and then out of our country, so that more people know and accept.

After listening to me,Chairwoman Feng shalled her head and said:this flow was esay,so we should add some emotional things,at the same time,they should learn to explain more ,so that their psgchology and language can be exercised.

I corrected the training flow again,in the collecting of data process,I remembered the scene that I entered into An embroidery on that Spring Festival ,the weather was cold,and that company was still on WenMing road,it was three-layer floors ,the room was compact,when I entered into the sales department,Isaw many embroidery.Through her guidance,I began to like the An embroidery .The most unforgettable thing was that chairwoman Feng was careful with new collegues.

I was off duty on 6 O'clock,when I didn't know what to do,chairwoman Feng called me and A Fang to eat dinner,we got on her car,during on the road,she asked us whether we habited the life former experience and so on.It let me feel her aproachable.Suddenly,the car stopped,chairwoman Feng saw a shop of selling home textiles,she said our quilts were thin,so she bought some for us.

The temperature was low,but we felt warm.

So far,the scale of our corporation becomes large,there are more department and workers ,and the condition also becomes good.We hanve independent room with TV,we also have endowment insurance.With the development of An embroidery,Mnay imporcent leaders come to visit our company,and I saw many in-plant;I could feel the leaders' elegant demeanour,I got the leaders' praise"My parents saw me many times through the TV".

I want to say:Thanks to An embroidery ,thanks to Chairwoman Feng,She lets us become better,we felt ourslives value.So,we learned to be thankful."