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​Embroidery is the excellent Chinese traditional arts and crafts, originated in the Shang Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty period development. Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the development of China's silk industry, embroidery has gradually become a wonderful handicraft in china.

An embroidery (the  Anyang embroidery of shells ancient capital), has deep historical and cultural background, Along  with the development of society, the  wonderful flower of  An embroidery makes the  market requirement brust into bloom gergeously again.An embroidery is the brand new and brilliant palace of art in the northern region of HeNan province.

An embroidery inherited the traditional  embroidery art of China, Relying on local profound historical background.An embroidery wined the leaders' prise of China and foreign countries at the second International culture industries Fair. The municipal party  Secretary  Jin Suidong of AnYang city at that time norminated autographically" China An Embroidery. An embroidery cultural industry limited company of Henan was built in 2008 in Hua county.It has reached more than 3800 workers during 6 years,.These works are selled everywhere .Snd we have branch offices in  Anyang and Linzhou of HeNan.

We have trained more than 3800 rural women and the disabled men, in recent years, it develops rapidly at North of HeNan .Relying on the special development style of corporation+training base+peasant honsehold.An embroidery received many honors.The quality goods of An embroidery was put into the book of primary school.And the goverment gived an official that was called"An embroidery bridge".An embroidery corporation has become the largest and most representative cultural corporation.

Now,An embroidery exploits more than 1900 kinds of works, There are followed styles from applications,The first is home decoration .Its representative work is <High position and great wealth>,the second is collection .Its representative work is <River side scene at Qingming Festival Riverside Scene on the Pure Brightness Festival>,the third is clothes,Its representative works are Tang suit and costume. The fourth is cultural display.Its representative works are <Good harvest>,<The red flag canal>,and so on.An embroidery researches the production works that gathered industry,culture,ideology,art as an organic whole and gathered culturecharacter,historic significance,artistry,collectibles an an organic whole.An embroidery works have very strong artistic appeal and very lofty appreciation value and colection value.An embroidery inherits traditional embroidery craft carries forward cultural industry absorbs many advantages of many famous embroideies.An embroidery mixes the romantic charm of traditional chinese painting,penmanship handwriting,oil picture.
The style of An embroidery is at mospherical.
 the use of classified into several types: one is the home, "to" as the representative of a total of 1000 kinds of glory, splendour, wealth and rank; two is the collection, the "riverside", as the representative of a total of 500 kinds of famous paintings; three is the type of clothing, in costume, costumes as the representative a total of 400 kinds; the four is a cultural show, to "harvest", "Feng", "majestic Taihang million song", "the ancient canal" as the representative of a total of 30 kinds of. An embroidered works is an organic unity and perfect industry, culture, thought and art of the four fusion, in culture, history, collection and aesthetics in one, has a strong artistic appeal, high appreciation value and collection value. An embroidered embroidery tradition, carry forward the ancient capital of folk culture industry, absorb the strengths the well-known embroidery, and integration of traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, painting charm, embroidery style atmosphere, is the performance of the Yellow River basin backbone spirit rare embroidery.

To expand production, walk the road of industrial development, the company's new production base, expand personnel training, the establishment of an independent sales outlets in 30, combined with 40 point of sale in the eight first-tier cities, the establishment of a national sales network; in the Huaxian new district covers an area of 42 acres, built in the same industry in a stream of "an embroidered research", "an embroidery production process show" and "an embroidery Exhibition" is one of the "China an embroidered art museum". And on this basis, gradually expand the international market, the "Chinese an embroidered" industrialization of the real, and gradually towards the internationalization of the traditional culture to create new brilliance in the new period of social development.