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Premier of the State Council to the embroidery research

February 13, 2015, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Vice Premier of the State Council came to the county to study poverty alleviation and development work, at 10 o'clock on the 14th, visit the embroidery to guide the development of poverty alleviation work and cordial conversation with the embroidery.The Asked the embroidery of the family life to a memorabilia.

March 2017, Henan TV "Wenxing Central Plains" and "cultural wealth" column group on the embroidery interview.

In June 2016, representatives of the National People's Congress came to visit the inspection and inspection work.

In March 2016, in the Kuqa National Economic Development Zone set up in Xinjiang embroidered Cultural Industry Co., Ltd.

In February 2015, Vice Premier Wang Yang came to inspect the poverty alleviation work.

November 2011, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Ye Dongsong chairman of the study and embroidery.

In June 2006, when the party secretary of Anyang City, Jin Suidong on the spot personally nominated "China An embroidered."