An embroidery (the Anyang embroidery of shells ancient capital  ), has deep historical and cultural background, Along with the development of society,the wonderful  flower of An embroidery makes the market requirement brust into bloom gergeously again.An embroidery is the brand new and brilliant palace of art in the northern region of HeNan province .

An embroidery inherited the traditional embroidery art of China.Relying on local profound historical background , at he second International Cultural industris Fair .The municipal party secretary Jin Sui Dong of AnYang city at that time nominated autographically "Chinese An embroidery ".  It is the landmark embroidery culture corporation and it is the biggest embroidery company.

Based on the development pattern of "company" national training base for farmers embroidery industry's unique technology to the countryside, free of charge, for the benefit of their homeland, in the Anyang area in the township has free training embroidery work of more than 4000 people, received a warm welcome and support of the majority of rural jobless people.

Relying on local profound historical background An embroidery, An embroidery researches the production works that gathered industry culture ,ideology ,art as an organic whole and gathered cultule character historic significance ,artistry,collectibles as an organic whole .An embroidery works have very strong artistic appeal and very cofty appreciation value and collection value.