Xinjiang and embroidered

The company is relying on the modern operation mode of "Company + training base + farmer" in China and makes full use of the abundant labor resources of Xinjiang, and vigorously promote the work of the Uygur women's embroidery industry.Of the vocational training program, is a precision docking characteristics of poverty alleviation projects to build the cultural Yuanjiang model.

Embroidery, Anyang embroidery, embroidery is Henan, China is the embroidery. It is the people of the Central Plains with the infinite yearning and care for the people of Xinjiang, and will be embroidered into the magnificent frontier. Since the Xinjiang has been, we embroidered the company a total of more than 406 training of embroidered workers, of which 27 poor households, to achieve a monthly per capita income of 600 yuan. At the same time and the rate of 200 per month, and all the Uighurs women, for the majority of Uygur women to provide a high quality employment platform, creating a vast employment space, so that Uighur women can stay at home to work, Flexible employment, both to achieve the family income, but also take into account the family life. In the near future, we will vigorously carry out compulsory training projects, help push poverty and hard work, will make more poor Uighur women as soon as possible out of poverty, to get rich.

The theme of the novel is very innovative, the theme is wide, practical and artistic both, with a high artistic appreciation value and cultural collection value, works colorful, style Jun Mei, superb technology, the effective integration of the local cultural landscape and natural landscape ,

These works are embroidered workers to pin pen to line on behalf of Mexico, a needle line carefully completed, the connotation of the work through the historical time and space, breaking the geographical limitations, with a strong artistic appeal and artistic expression. It is a treasure of Chinese traditional cultural industry and a glory of China's display of China's heritage to the world. It is also a strong testimony to China's domestic and international industry. We will be the ancient history of Kucha ancient culture, implanted in China embroidery perfect embroidery process, will make the turtle embroidery industry to revitalize the local economy, enhance national unity, promote cultural exchanges, to enhance regional economic influence of a symbol , A business card, a pillar.