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Party A: Henan Embroidery Culture Industry Co., Ltd.
Party b:
  Party A and Party B shall, on the basis of the principles of equality, voluntariness, fairness and good faith, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, have reached the following agreement through friendly consultations, for mutual compliance.
  Article 1: cooperation authorization
  Authorized by Party A in _______ provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) _______ city (area) ______ county (District) an embroidered agent.
  Article second: cooperation period
  This contract is valid for _____ years, since _____ years _____ month _____ date to _____ years _____ month _____ date, 30 days before the expiration of the contract, a written application by Party B has the priority right of renewal.
  Article third: agency rules
  1. Party A shall assess and investigate the position, reputation and other issues of Party B in advance, and Party B must have a certain reputation.
  2, Party B must be a lot of orders, the first purchase of not less than 20 thousand. Party A shall provide Party B with free publicity materials to Party B on the free of charge, and Party B shall bear the relevant expenses in accordance with the cost price;
  3, Party A Party B.
  4. Party B shall, in accordance with the requirements of Party A, provide sales reports and market information in a timely manner, and cooperate with Party A to do a good job in the local market survey.
  5, shall not make any damage to the brand and corporate image of the act, shall not use the "China embroidered embroidery" trademark to engage in any activities outside the scope of the contract.
  6, the party must keep the business secrets. Party A's business secrets include contracts, sales, sales, production management and information, management mode, management experience and other tangible and intangible assets, without the written consent of Party A, shall not in any way to the third party leak, otherwise, Party A has the right to pursue Party B's liability for breach of contract, and require Party B to compensation for economic losses. Party B shall have the obligation to notify Party A immediately in writing of any infringement or infringement of the rights and interests of the third party.
  7, all the business relations of Party B, all Party B civil acts, are not related to Party A.
  8, Party B shall abide by the relevant regulations of the China embroidery brand management regulations and distribution management system.
  9, within 3 months can be exchanged for the same value of the work, frame damage plus frame repair mounting costs, soft mounting can only be free to do repair, do not exchange.
  Article fourth: payment and delivery
  1, payment
  A. Party B's order confirmation within 3 working days to the first party to pay the amount of the order of 40% as a deposit, after the order is confirmed shall not change.
  Prior to the issuance of the B. goods, Party B shall make up the entire amount of the goods delivered to Party A to make the account, and Party A shall, within 3 working days after the receipt of the payment, arrange to deliver the goods to Party b..
  2, delivery:
  Party B shall be responsible for the transportation of the goods by the carrier, Party A may handle the transportation, transportation and insurance. Party A shall deliver the goods to the carrier, and the risk of damage and loss of the consignment shall be borne by Party B, but Party A will actively assist B to claim the carrier.
  Article fifth: Dispute Resolution
  In case of any dispute arising from the performance of this contract, both parties shall settle the dispute amicably. In case no settlement can be reached, either party shall have the right to bring suit to the local court.
  Article sixth: if there is no matter, the two sides jointly agreed to make supplementary provisions, with the provisions of the contract has the same effect.
  This contract is made in two copies, each party holds one copy.