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Armani designer Yang jun lifelong a line to visit Ann embroidered total base

On December 5, 2015 -6, Armani lifetime designer Yang Jun, Beijing Ming Yue cultural creativity limited company chairman Li Yue line into the Henan embroidery culture industry limited company to visit, with an embroidered chairman Feng Rongli on strategic cooperation in-depth talks on the spot, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, laid the foundation for an embroidered into the International market.

Yang Jun, a group of people have visited the direct exhibition hall, boutique exhibition hall, and embroidery workshop and other places to enjoy the seventy anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War parade long (length of thirty-three meters, the world's first embroidery scroll). In the boutique exhibition hall Yang Jun teacher and teacher Li Yue to our embroidered work is appreciated.

Subsequently, Yang Jun, Li Yue and chairman of the board of directors to conduct in-depth exchanges, on how to introduce the country's security embroidery, to the international conversation. And signed a strategic cooperation agreement. During the teacher Yang Jun proposed "Chairman Feng Rongli should be credited to an embroidered white paper Splendid China historical figures", "the establishment of an embroidered as intangible cultural heritage demonstration base", the strategic cooperation, and laid a good foundation for an embroidered into the international market, in the near future will represent an embroidered embroidery China abroad.