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Dunhuang flying

There is a Feng Dong to a southern friend, she would want his friend to try our Home Dishes, then Feng Dong said to us: "one of my friends to visit the south, I want to let him try the Home Dishes, feel an embroidered food culture, and I their enthusiasm. But don't be scaled too, in our restaurant staff to prepare it, staple food can be our big corn grits porridge." She also took her own pressure cooker.

At the time of eating, Feng Dong was very enthusiastic about her friends, who had very little to eat, and the rest of me and Zhang Hong, Feng Dong, let us stay with them. One dish is a bit salty, Feng Dong let down stir fry for a while, I'm going to end it, Feng Dong has put back their own dishes to fry up, I do not know why he did so at first, then I feel let Feng Dong own cooking is not too good, "said Feng Dong, let I come." Feng Dong said: "no, you do not have the experience of cooking, and then burn you." I listened to this sentence, was a shock.

A meal down, we eat very happy, Feng Dong is very enthusiastic about her friends, I think this is difficult to meet in other places, right?

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