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Dunhuang flying

Still on the origin of corporate post system, the company has two female employees, although the business ability is not too strong, but a strong sense of responsibility, and willing to learn from each other, the company is also very loyal, suddenly one day they submitted his resignation to the company, "said the work ability is insufficient, the pressure is too great, please pay close attention to the recruitment of replacements," can not affect the company's normal work, Feng Zong was very surprised to hear the news, to talk to them, not because the company cannot do without the two employees, but to understand why, because the two employees work in a very positive heart, why suddenly want to leave, then they will be called to the office to talk, they revealed the voice, two people are children, children to school always with work time conflict, children can learn in When more than 1 hours, when the mother can not pick up the children come home from school, talking to the staff drops of tears, as the mother of two children, Feng Zong, listening to listen to already tears. Feng total style is the problems quickly resolved, immediately convened several senior managers meeting research solutions, the meeting stressed we as women's team together to do business is not easy, we must first put the family settled to work immediately, through a new post system: "those who work in the company's business woman who have 0-15 years old children in the family, can be half an hour early morning afternoon after work, can work 1 hours ahead of time can be delayed for 5 minutes, if not normal because the work is busy, you can count to work overtime." After the meeting of the system through the audit, two employees have not resigned, continue to work, but also continue to emphasize Feng total recruitment, two of them were busy, still can not work on time, so rational, so the heart of Feng Zong, we can slow the development of embroidery?

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