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Thousand-hand of Guan Yin

"If you think the teachers in the school are too strict, wait until you get a boss," Bill Gates said. This sentence is not out of school students in terms of, and perhaps can not produce much resonance, but for many years in the workplace, it should be a deep understanding of. You have strict requirements of the leadership, is able to really help you grow leadership, so that I suffer, will make me strong. So the boss is not only the boss, but also a good trainer.

I have been working for more than a year, I have a deep understanding of. Because the company is more, usually more frequent delivery, because the time is tight, often send the wrong goods. In order to be able to regulate the correct delivery, our business department made a delivery form, want to review the chairman, chairman of the table after reading, format and name all is redesigned, it after the table which is convenient and practical, Feng Zong is such a perfect person, but also requires us to do.

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