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Dunhuang flying

A master of management said, now the competition is the details of the competition. Details highlight the quality, details reflect the taste, details show differences, details determine success or failure. In this era of refinement, the details can often reflect the professional standards, highlighting the inherent quality.

Feng Zong is a man of detail, once because we didn't finish our work, we had to work overtime. Feng always in the company has been with us until the end. After the work is done, Feng said: today we have a hard, and then quickly go back! We send von total on the car, Feng Zong said: snow ting on the car, take you home, so late to go back, the family must be worried about you. Because it is not on the way, plus the total day of work is also very tired, want to let the total to go back to the rest of the Feng, so snow Ting politely refused the total kindness. When the car is ready to go, Feng Zong suddenly said, and so on, and then told me and Gao said: you go back to the time when they put on their clothes, dressed in a professional home is not safe, too eye. There is tomorrow morning will be the time to tell you that everyone in the company with their own sportswear, so convenient to work. Our kitchen is now rectification is completed, you must have the habit of eating breakfast, breakfast in the morning is not good for the body. Since you live in the company, the company must be responsible for your basic necessities of life. At that time, I always listen to the high total of these words, my heart a warm stream over the eyes of the moving tears - how careful the boss! There is such a careful eldest brother to lead us, we must be good to Feng master learning - attention to detail, and make our contribution to the company.

The bright galaxy is due to the countless stars together, but also cause great things accumulated by trifles. In the study, do a good job of the details, it is possible to achieve better results in the work, the details in place, you may be a step closer to success.

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