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Dunhuang flying

The flight of time, time flies, suddenly an embroidered has passed through 15 years, through 15 years of newspapers, books, watching the pages of history has become yellowish paper, just like to see an embroidered 15 years of age. For an embroidered, we are grateful.

An embroidered from a dozen square meters of small workshops, now covers an area of 42 acres and the national cultural industry demonstration base, from unknown to known to every family, from a few to more than 3800 embroidery, embroidery, now, there are many unknown difficulties, special thanks to always accompany the people an embroidered.

The old temple is the first of our training base, where the embroidery to witness the growth of our Feng Cuirong is a accompany an old embroidery work of the company's growth, the company is now a senior embroidery company, a lot of excellent works are from her hands, she mainly embroidered peony. She embroidered the peony, bright colors, bright layer feeling, stereo sense is very strong. I remember she once said: "an embroidered changed my life, so I will always go with her." This sentence is very simple, but only one of the friendship of the people in the embroidery will experience, anyway, we will always thank you.

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