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Dunhuang flying

One day, Feng Zong called me to the office, the company has recently come to a number of new colleagues, want to regulate the new training process.

We all know that when we come to the new company is seven days of training, while the two sides, but also a two-way choice between the two sides. I took out the previous process, and went to her office to read a section of von always listen.

Such as Feng total listened, she shook her head and said: "no, too simple, seven days before the couple feel some interesting things, to add some emotional things, let them speak more to explain, exercise the new mentality and the language ability of the organization, and the ability to improvise strain capacity, so, to change!"

In this way, I am in accordance with the general meaning of the new and re reorganization of the new training process. In the finishing process, I think I just came to the company for the scene: it is just after the Spring Festival, it is the chill of the day, when the company's address is on the road in the Guilin civilization, three storey building, compact space, a door is countless embroidery works, I was instantly plum the middle of the screen are attracted to, can not help but sigh from the heart: really beautiful ah! I was a senior manager who took me to study the business of my company. I can remember the most or the total care and care of the new staff.

That evening 6:00 will work, I do not know why why, Feng Zong walked down from the upstairs, call me home for dinner and alfonso. We went to the total von TOYOTA car, she drove to the direction of the home to go, all the way to ask me to learn not accustomed to the previous experience, and so on, so I feel she is particularly approachable. Is walking, she suddenly stopped the car, I looked up, is a daily home textile shop. Feng Zongbian said: "the weather is cold, you get off with the quilt is too thin, you stay in the car, I went to buy two." Then she got off.

The temperature outside the window is low, but my heart is warm.

The development of the company to the present, many departments, employees, large space, good condition, almost one is now a separate bedroom, and let us look at the TV tube, to pay old-age insurance and so on, it is much better than before. Especially in recent years, with the increasing development of an embroidered central, provincial cities and counties all media and provincial and county leaders from all walks of life to visit research in a continuous line several times, I will close with a leader to visit an embroidered, through me to explain the company face to feel the leadership style, and several times praised by the leader. My parents have several times also seen me on TV.

I really want to say: Thank you for an embroidered, Feng total, she is our love let us grow so well, she is a couple of talent, attention to let us realize the value of our life, so, my friends, are thankful!

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